Hi, I’m Lisa of Lisa Wyatt Designs, I specialise in handmade gifts for you and your home.

I love to crochet, knit, sew, machine embroider and make personalised gifts, all my items are made by myself in my studio in Dagenham, Essex, UK.

I am a mum to two grown up boys now (where does the time go), I home educated my youngest for various reasons.

I love to craft and my journey started out as a card marker, I started crocheting and knitting at a young age.  I was taught by mum but as most kids do I never really ran with it.  When I got to my early 30’s I decided to have another go and that is how I ended up a maker and creator selling my items.  I love to explore crafts and have a passion for creating something from scratch.

Naturally next up came knitting as you can get a completely different look with knitting. Knitting I find takes a long time to grow so then I decide to try machine knitting that’s much faster.

Then my brain started thinking about the yarn how does it get to be yarn, that led into my hobby of spinning fleece, I find this so relaxing.

I think you can see how my brain operates now LOL

I also have an embroidery machine which just fascinates me I can lose hours just standing and watching it do its thing once I have programmed it.

Then there is my silhouette cutting machine as a card maker years ago I had a craft robo and loved that but never used it for vinyl.  Since having the silhouette I have fell in love with vinyl and HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl) there are so many things that with my help that machine can create.

There are just too many crafts / ideas and so little time but as I said I just love to craft.

Anyhow that’s enough rambling from me, if you got this far well done and it was very nice to meet you.

Lisa x