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Jewellery Category - Poppy Brooch

Poppy Brooch

This stunning Red Poppy Brooch looks great on any day but it is perfect for Remembrance Day and will stand out in the crowd.

Made using a technique called Free Standing Lace, each petal is made up using just embroidery threads alone.

The pattern is embroidered on a fine fabric that dissolves when it comes into contact with water which then adds stiffness to the embroidery threads helping the petals to stand proud.

Black seed beads are then hand-stitched into the center to keep the petals together.

Finished with a safety brooch pin this stunning poppy may be worn for any occasion.

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Too soon? No I didn’t think so either.


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I love sharing the work that goes into making my products. Here are a few snapshots of my working life.

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